4902 E Central   Wichita, Kansas   67208

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A market place for fine crafts, specializing in unique, handmade forms in metal and gem stones, stained glass, wood and clay.

Our Philosophy, inspiring all our work holds that high art and everyday functionality should be inseparable. We all can, that is, elevate our spirits by surrounding ourselves with beautiful items that serve us in our daily lives, objects that aren't regulated to a high, lonely shelf with only dust flakes as companions. While we do offer unique, pre-made articles in stained glass, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, pottery, jewelry, and unusual accessories for you to purchase, we also specialize in custom orders - even if you have only a vague notion of what would fit your needs. Creating splendid designs for you to live with and love, with sensivity to interpret even the most indistinct of your feelings into artistic form, is the chief hallmark of our gallery. Our work in these diverse media is original and award winning; you can count on excellence in imaginative conception and finely-honed technique. It would be an honor, a pleasure, and an artistic adventure to serve you. Please tour our departments here, and be sure to sign our guest book.