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Roger hand makes custom furniture out of elegant woods and/or metals to your specifications or will delight in designing a treasure for your home even if you can't quite imagine how it should look yourself. You could say, "I live in the middle of beautiful downtown Detroit, but I'd like to create a mountain cabin effect inside my haven, my home. There's no getting away from the loud clanking industrial noises next door, but at least I'd like to sense the air of a woodland cathedral just out our back door. What can you do?" This mood is one of Roger's favorite effects, and you can even see some of his rustic solutions in the pictures below.

Pine Bed, Colored Tiles
But whatever your unique situation, he will craft an heirloom piece--or a whole roomful of them--that will be cherished through all your family's generations. Sometimes he has fashioned clay tiles to fit as insets within the headboard of beds; other times he has worked metal into contemporary tree branches for a startlingly grand effect. Whatever vision or mood you wish to evoke, Roger Mathews' Gallery can turn it into physical form, always with impeccable quality and perfectionistic attention to detail. The Gallery also stocks a wonderful selection of bent twig furniture, including chairs, rockers, love seats, tables, etc.--all coming in either adult, child (or bear) sizes. We hope you will be excited by your walk through the samples on this page. If you wish to see any of the thumbnail photos below with better quality and larger size, just click on the picture to link to its specific page.